Life and Soul group launches at the Southchurch Shared Space shop.

A new group is starting on Tuesday lunchtimes 12:30-2pm in the Shared Space store in Southchurch. It is called Life and Soul. Each week starts with a bring and share lunch and then chat about life stuff, soul stuff and other stuff.

Life and Soul flier

The first 6 weeks are:

Week 1 – The Journey so far

Week 2 – The Journey Within

Week 3 – The Journey to a Better World

Week 4 – The Journey to Wholeness

Week 5 – The Journey to Spirituality

Week 6 – The Journey to the Future

Who can come?

Initially the group is just for those who volunteer at Shared Space Southchurch. The volunteer team work hard and it will be great to shut up the shop and for an hour and a half to do something different in the space. Shared Space has always been far more than a charity shop and this is a way to show it.

life and soul flier back

What is Life and Soul about?

Six gentle guided sessions of activities, inspiration and discussion, drawing on the teaching of Jesus. Expect meditation, relaxation and prayer in a welcoming group.

Who is organising it?

A three way partnership of Church from Scratch, Shared Space Southchurch and Belle Vue Baptist Church. If you know the people behind ~Shared Space you might recognise who is organising it: Helen, Joy and Peter.