Free video course on believer’s baptism.

Be Baptised Live Baptised is a three part video and discussion course to download with accompanying leader’s guide full of ideas and activities. Start by watching the promo video.

Use the course one to one, in small groups or adapt it for Sunday services. These resources are designed to help prepare people for believer’s baptism and explore the meaning of baptism.

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Directed by
Phil Durrant
  Produced by
  Peter Dominey
  Filmed and edited by
  Tim Raggett
Presented by Baptist ministers
  Peter Dominey
  Phil Durrant
  Juliet Kilpin
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1. Identified
by Phil Durrant

In session 1 Phil Durrant takes us on a spiralling journey up a council tower block – we discover that as we identify with Jesus, our story and Jesus’ story join powerfully together.

Phil helps us to see that in baptism Jesus gives us a way out of the maze and a way into the wide open spaces of God’s Kingdom.

The question is not ‘does baptism make sense?’ but ‘does my life make sense without it?”

2. Washed
by Peter Dominey

In session 2 Peter Dominey takes us to our own funeral. At the graveside he confronts us with baptism, our watery grave. And he invites us to die.

God is poised to give us a new life and for that to happen our old life needs to be washed away.

We need to die to the old life.
No half measures. No shortcuts.
Total immersion in God’s plan.

3. Called
by Juliet Kilpin

In session 3 Juliet Kilpin takes us on a train journey. And helps us to see that believer’s baptism is the start of the journey, not the end.

Juliet talks of how we are called, commissioned and sent through baptism on a life long adventure.

As we join in with God’s mission, we get to play our part in making the world more as he intends.
God calls us to action.

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Leader’s Guide – 25 pages

The 90 second promo video (as showing at the top of this page) is a celebration of believer’s baptism, combining clips from the course with footage of people being baptised. You can use it in church services, on your website and social media.

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