Jesus the Misunderstood flierOct / Nov 2021
Six sessions exploring the life of Jesus in a relaxed and open-minded setting.

The story of Jesus has been altered, cherry-picked, exaggerated, toned down, and moulded into different meanings.
It’s easy to be left feeling like we don’t really know Jesus at all. That’s why we’ve created Jesus the Misunderstood.
A chance to clear up our misunderstandings and assumptions of who Jesus was and is, a chance to see that he can change lives for good.

The sessions:

1. The Misunderstood
2. The friend
3. The Cosmic
4. The Troublemaker
5. The Scapegoat
6. The Game-Changer

To find out the times and venues…

send us a Facebook message from our page or an email to or jump on the webchat on this website to talk with us and ask questions. Each sessions includes a shared meal.