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A warm welcome to our network of Community Groups

Church from Scratch grew from one into a network of groups, meeting in homes and many other places across South East Essex.  A warm welcome and faith await you in our groups.

  • Community Group @ Basildon
  • Community Group @ Cranley Road, Westcliff
  • Community Group @ Daws Heath, Benfleet
  • Community Group @ Shared Space Westcliff
  • Community Group @ Southchurch, Southend
  • Community Group for the volunteers @ Shared Space Southchurch
  • English Conversation Group @ Shared Space Westcliff

Click on the map pins for time, day and contact info for each group.

What’s a community like? 2018-06-28T11:22:19+00:00

Each has a character. The groups typically meet weekly and express community in other ways through the week.

They are comfortable places for those exploring faith and for people who have been Christians for years and are keen to venture out in mission together.

What happens when the communities meet? 2018-06-28T11:55:58+00:00

Most groups eat together with one or more cooking each week, and some have a bring-and-share meal.

As we like to say, ‘A shared meal is one way to a shared life’.

Most of the groups use resources written by a team of authors from across the church, exploring a theme or story from the Bible and applying it to life. You can also expect prayer, discussion, worship and sometimes communion.

You won’t find one person playing the expert. Instead a community of people with valid contributions. We are a multi-voiced church.

What no Sunday!? 2018-06-28T11:55:22+00:00

We have moved on from a church model built around Sunday services and a ‘church’ building’. 

Yes that’s right – we don’t go to church on Sunday!

We are church, meeting whenever and wherever, with our homes as the primary place for church. We don’t claim it is the way just that it is a good way built on the early practices of the church.

And sometimes we gather from across the Community Groups for events and holidays.

We are fascinated by Jesus. 2018-06-28T11:23:02+00:00

The Bible pivots around Jesus and the 4 biographies of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

So, we are a Jesus centred rather than Bible focused church and you can often find the groups reading the Bible stories of him.

After all, he is primarily the word of God not the Bible itself.

So, when we meet you might catch us asking, ‘What did Jesus do?’ And, ‘How can we be like that?’

Jesus is radically inclusive, we try to copy 2018-06-28T11:28:54+00:00

In the Bible we read of a Jesus who is radically inclusive.

The Community Groups provide a safe home for a diverse mix people including people who have been marginalised by others in Southend for a host of different reasons.

How do I get involved? 2018-06-28T11:56:49+00:00

OK. I’m interested. How do I take this further?

You could:

  • Contact one of the groups by clicking on a map pin, and arrange to visit them or ask any questions.
  • Send a message with any questions and we can set you up with the best group to try.
  • Arrange to meet up with one of us for a coffee – send us a message.
Get involved in planting a new group? 2018-06-28T21:53:50+00:00

Could you see yourself planting a new group beyond the existing church?
With CFS as your church community.

Are you excited by the ethos and values of CFS?
Then send us a message.

It starts here.

You might be just starting to discover Jesus; a little curious about a church that isn’t built around services or just needing a new adventure. Whatever your background, history or orientation CFS welcomes all.

The groups run most nights of the week in different places. We share our lives with others, talk about our challenges, read the bible, pray and eat food. The groups are just the tip of the iceberg (there’s a lot more below) including supporting each other and reaching out together.

Ready to try a Community Group?

Send us a message