We seem to have a knack for starting things

We seem to have a knack for starting the new and stepping beyond the existing to reimagine ways of living as Christians.  We have been involved in pioneering new christian communities and initiatives over the years. And we’re always on the look out to find and work with emerging pioneers.

Here are some of the things we have been up to:

  • Founding Fire Camp – Baptist mini-festival, a co-creative rather than consumerist approach.
  • Publishing hundreds of free church resources and videos to support the wider church.
  • Launching Shared Space – christian social enterprises that provides life changing volunteering opportunities to hundreds of people across Southend. We work very closely in supporting Shared Space on multiple projects.
  • Birthing 57 West – baptist church of many homeless people in Southend.
  • Conjuring up social media story-telling projects including ‘The Passion Experience’ and ‘The Christmas Experience’.
  • Hosting over 100 church leaders though our residential ‘Immersive Experiences’ and other programmes:  where visitors spend several days experiencing community life allied with structured theological reflection and training.
  • A founder of Incarnate Network which acted as the UK Baptist church planting network.
  • We even started the Baptist Collaboration facebook group
  • Then there was Pioneer Collective (for baptist pioneers) and Beyond400 (a creative response to the Baptist Union Futures Process), and 5 Questions To Save Baptists – which seemed to upset some people!
  • And the viral animation We Must Stop Starting With Church which has since been translated into several languages and used by Spring Harvest, Fresh Expressions and many others.

But the above is water under the bridge

Are you a creative spirit? Do you want to join CFS and get involved in creating the next thing, an act of disruptive wonder.  Are you frustrated with what is in the UK church and dreaming about what might be? A self-starter? Energetic looking to express your faith in new ways?

We are highly experienced in entrepreneurial Christian mission work and looking for developing and experienced pioneers to work with.