GRACE – This is my Story
A film on coming out as a gay Christian

Grace opens up about her experiences of growing up in church, coming out, the impact on her mental health and how Jesus helped her through to a place of resolution and faith.

You are free to download, copy and redistribute this film as a resource for churches, friends and families. Let’s make church a kinder place for LGBTQ+ people.

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We produced another LGBTQ+ resource for churches called “Sexuality, Medicine and the Church”, available here:

Why make this video?

Churches are re-examining their relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, recognising that damage and hurt has been caused. Many churches are wanting to carefully re-visit long held beliefs.

But without the participation of LGBTQ+ people in these conversations, it is hard to elevate the discussions above bare bones arguments. It is in listening to the lived-experience of these people that the needed context is heard. Without this it is easy to forget that we are talking about people and not issues.

And here lies the problem: If your church has long held views that these peoples’ lifestyles are deeply wrong, it would be very surprising if they wanted to share their story and risk being judged or judged again.

So, we produced this film as a resource to use in Christian settings; one person’s lived-experience to bring a little humanity, flesh and blood to the conversations you need to have. God bless you as you do that.


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Created as a handout for Embrace, our LGBT training event.

What do all those letters mean? LGBTQIA+

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