Mary is an ordinary teenager. Joseph a normal guy.
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Christmas from Scratch is a modern-day adaptation of the Nativity story written and filmed by Church from Scratch and friends.

The Christmas story, stripped of tinsel and myth; released as ten episodes. We hope it brings the Christmas story into fresh focus for you.

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Written/Directed ~ Rachel Dingle
Produced ~
Rachel Dingle, Grace Claydon,
Natalie Hughes, Peter Dominey
Camera ~ Grace Claydon
Editor ~ Peter Dominey
Artwork ~ Samantha Lacey


Elizabeth ~ Sally Claydon
~ Jazz Zekai
Herod ~ Peter Dominey
Joseph ~ Josh Duckmanton
~ Jessica De Carvalho
Shepherd 1 ~
Dave Turrant
Shepherd 2 ~ Natalie Hughes
Shepherd 3 ~ George Claydon
Wise person ~ Nick Gilbert

1. Mary

And I’m like, “Oh my God!” And they’re like, “It’s Gabriel actually”

2. Elizabeth

Yeh. I’m like pregnant as well. I was bursting to tell someone.

3. Joseph

It’s Joe. Only my Nan calls me Joseph!

4. Gabriel

I’m not sure about this you know, they seem so… normal.

5. The Birth

It took me less time to birth the son of God than it did for Joe to put up this tent!

6. Shepherds

Nothing’s gonna be the same again.

7. Wise Person

Just follow that fat off star, old man

8. Gift Haul

9. Herod

10. Refugee

11. The full video

The Trailer

Christmas from Scratch was written and directed by Rachel Dingle

“I joined Church From Scratch in early 2020 – spent more time with them on zoom than in real life!

I loved writing this modern day nativity story. The first meeting with Grace and Nat in CFS, sparked the whole thing. We discussed how to translate who these people would be in the year 2020. It all made it so much more real to me.

I wanted to explore the real-ness; the shepherds and wise kings would be normal people, that it was dangerous and at times traumatic for Mary and Joseph, that Jesus was a real baby and that fleeing to Egypt made him a refugee. It was all so relevant to what is happening in our world right now.

I’ve worked in theatre since 2010 as a designer, in wardrobe and stage manager. In the last year I’ve begun to focus on writing and producing. I set up Show Up Productions, as I especially want to create stuff in my hometown”.

Rachel Dingle