A values led church


A church with a heart.

Our values shape the things that matter most to us in CFS. They keep us focused on the unique call Jesus has given us as a local church, committing us to seeking God’s Kingdom in South East Essex and beyond.

These values guide our decisions in everything from how we live as individuals to the kind of events we put on as a church and how we go about sharing Jesus with others.

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We value
Jesus at the centre

doing it his way;
changing as we follow
him deeper; relying
on him; recognising
we’re a little bit of his
world wide church;
realising Jesus’ Spirit
is at work now.

We value
building community

building real and
loving relationships
as we rely on
each other;
growing up
in faith together;
giving our community
away to others.

We value
every person

moving wider
to all;
by all;
standing up
with those
who need us.

We value
living life to the full

finding Jesus
in all parts of life;
holding on to faith
as we take risks;
helping each other
to grow into the full
and unique people
God wants.

How we discerned the values

Choosing them was no small matter. Back at the start the whole church spent 6 months reading all of Luke’s Gospel, praying and discussing the Jesus we were starting to follow.

From this start, we identified core principles of God’s Kingdom that seemed to resonate with us.  It was a collaborative effort with everyone in CFS having an input and the discussion was given the chance to evolve over an extended period of time. We couldn’t rush something this important.

By the end of 2003, we had discerned the above four values as fundamental to our role in seeking God’s Kingdom. And from hereon they were foundational to our life.

Since then, CFS has started many new communities and projects that seek to express these values. When we get this creativity and innovation right, it is our founding values expressed in new ways.