CFS are a safe, affirming and inclusive church in Southend

Regardless of your sexuality or gender identity, you will find us to be a community of welcome, embrace, inclusion, affirmation and sanctuary.

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A good number of us are LGBTQ+ and we have been a radically inclusive community from the beginning of CFS in 2002 and we are a member of the Inclusive Church network.

Love from, Peter, Grace, Nat and all of CFS x

LGBTQ+ people have often been hurt by church, so we get that you may want to test us out cautiously. You could try one of our Communities, send us a message or jump on our chatbot on the bottom right corner of your screen.  And if you want to meet for a coffee that would be great :)

CFS has always been a safe space where I could be myself without fear. Discovering the church was a lifeline for my faith.”

GRACE – This is my Story
A film on coming out as a gay Christian

Grace opens up about her experiences of growing up in church, coming out, the impact on her mental health and how Jesus helped her through to a place of resolution and faith.

You can also download and use this film to help others understand.

Let’s make church a kinder place for LGBTQ+ people.

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CFS is a community where…

  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are equally part of us.

  • We believe Jesus’ good news is for all and our diversity and openness are signs of his life & love.

  • We won’t play games with language when we say your are part of us and included. We mean it.

  • We celebrate same sex marriage and relationships.

  • We’re nurturing a culture of openness and safety for LGBTQ+ people, where they are heard.

  • Who does what is based on ability, gifting & call – sexuality or gender identity don’t come into it.

  • We support those going through transition and look forward to celebrating their new name and authentic selves (we can do naming ceremonies!)

  • We’re still getting much wrong and want to learn to get it right.

Feeling isolated as an LGBTQ+ Christian?

Hello, Grace here.

I made the video story which you can watch on this page. Before I say anything else, let me start with this. God loves you; God adores you, God wants good things for you and God is with you always. I’m sorry if anyone has ever told you differently to this, they were wrong.

You are not a mistake or a mishap, your gender identity and sexuality are an expression of the image of God, how amazing is that?

I’m sorry if the Church has caused you pain, it breaks my heart that the church can cause such damage. Please know that you don’t deserve it and it is not something you have to put up with. Know that you are not alone, there are people just like you.

If you are able to, I encourage you to find community, there are several ways of doing that, whether online or in person. It is so healing to meet other LGBTQ+ Christians.

If you are local we would love to welcome you. I would also encourage you to remove yourself from toxic environments, you deserve to feel safe and should not have to defend your existence on a regular basis. I know this is not a simple thing to do, but we are praying that God gives you a way out.

You can email us at   I hope you find healing, sanctuary and community. God bless you and keep you, Grace. 

I’ve been in CFS for 10 years and always felt welcome whatever my sexuality. And I have always been fully embraced, loved and included. It’s my home from home.”

Sam of CFS did these designs for
Christian’s at Southend Pride
and Southend Pride.

christians at southend pride

It’s the big things like CFS being a church that is passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusion, and the little things like being able to bring my partner along and know they will be loved and embraced as I am.”