christmas colouring pages example

Here’s one we coloured in as a demo.

Free Christmas colouring pages to download

We hope you get pleasure from colouring in these Christmas pages which you can download for free. As a church, we love using other people’s resources and creating and sharing what we come up with.

You can download, use, share, print, email and re-post them as you wish – please attribute the author if you download and re-share and do not charge money.

Click on each image to download an A4 sized PDF.

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Other resources from us

Alternative nativity videos!
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Designed by Samantha Lacey

Samantha Lacey Visual Arts - artists portrait

All my life I’ve been drawing, doodling and creating. And most of my professional life I have been in the creative industry as a graphic designer or visual effects artist. Since 2011 I’ve been struggling with my mental and physical health but art has always stayed with me.

When I found my faith in 2015 I found Church from Scratch and I discovered my way of worship through creativity.

See more of my work at

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