An opportunity to continue reshaping the church

CFS at the bread making dayFrom 30th May to 1st June, CFS met to explore how we can develop as a spiritual community for the adventure ahead.

The discussions that took place over these three days revolved around four church priorities that we established in May:

  1. Fostering passionate spirituality: CFS should be re-founded on Jesus and in a closer relationship with him
  2. Building deeper connections: CFS should look to form stronger relationships between its different groups
  3. Reaching new people: CFS should proceed with a focus on recreating opportunities for families, young adults and children to be involved.
  4. Increasing capacity: CFS should focus on finding the people, time & money to help us grow sustainably.

Each day focused on a different aspect of how we can ensure these priorities take centre stage as we map our future together.


Bread and candles ready for communion

Wednesday: be blessed

After breakfast together, we explored the God who wants to bless us and how he works. We took inspiration from two prayers in Ephesians 1:15-23and 3:14-21  and also from the story of the little church that used these prayers to re-find their love for God.

Invigorated by the word in Ephesians, we met with Jesus, inviting his Holy Spirit to come into the room and speak. This was an opportunity for newbies and old-timers alike to be blessed by God, as we learnt to hear God’s voice.

Thursday: bless others

home made bread

Almost thirty of us kneaded and baked bread in a wood-fired oven, as we explored Jesus’ generosity.

In between the bread-making and a Brunch of muffins and toasted tea cakes, we reexamined the story where Jesus feed 5000 people in the book of Luke.

Together, we reflected on how one boy’s generosity unlocked the charity of others to share what they had. Concluding that we too must commit to generosity if we want to follow Jesus. As part of this people took the newly baked bread away to bless others.

leading the wood fired bread oven

Friday: bless Jesus

We finished the three days by gathering in an extended evening of creative worship to praise Jesus.

We prayed for each other, celebrated communion with bread from around the world and joined together in celebrating Jesus and committing to God’s mission. The evening was finished off with brilliant music from Jazz and Hannah, and greeting each other as the Bantu people do as an act of worship (you had to be there for it to make sense).

It was a superb week of deepening relationships with God and each other – Thank you, Jesus!