southend beachThree CFS members are getting baptised on Sunday 1st July at 3 pm down at Chalkwell Beach -at the bottom of Chalkwell Avenue, near the toilets.

Baptism is a significant part of an individuals journey with Jesus. It provides an opportunity to affirm your love in response back to him and to deeply embed you in God’s big family.

At CFS, we don’t have a large enough paddling pool to baptise people in (yet!). So, just as Jesus did many years ago, we baptise people in the sea. Some say its cold, but we like to think of it as refreshing!

Come and join us on the 1st July to join in marking these believer’s baptisms. It is set to be a fantastic celebration of Jesus and each other, with plenty of food and laughter.

Could you join them?

If you feel like the time has come for you to explore believer’s baptism, or you have questions about how it works, please get in touch.