christingleIt’s a joint Christmas Celebration for Church from Scratch together with the volunteers from Shared Space Westcliff and Shared Space Southchurch, Southend.

Come at 6pm to hear the timeless story of Jesus becoming a baby, born in Bethlehem. Join in with bingo, carols, make your own *christingle, buffet food,  karaoke, games, put your prayers in Jesus’ manger, and laugh out loud at the debut performance of CFS’s primary school aged standup comedian!

We meet in the large hall of Clarence Road Baptist Church, 6 Clarence Road, Southend.

Christingles are made from an orange decorated with red ribbon, sweets on cocktail sticks and a pure white candle. Each part of the Christingle tells of the Christmas story of Jesus:

  • The orange represents the world we live in
  • The red ribbon wrapped around the orange, is the love and blood of Jesus who died for us
  • The sweets on cocktail sticks represent God’s gifts to us and creation.
  • The pure white lit candle represents Jesus who is the light of the world, who brings hope and dispels darkness.