Christmas from Scratch logo‘Christmas from Scratch is a modern-day adaptation of the Nativity story.
What if Jesus came in 2020. Mary was an ordinary teenager. Jospeh a normal guy.
This is our modern-day adaptation of the Nativity story stripped of tinsel and myth – produced by Church from Scratch.

Watch the teaser and catch up on all the episodes at as they are published

Ten episodes released from 13th to 29th December 2020.

Thanks to the production team:

Written/Directed ~ Rachel Dingle
Produced ~ Rachel Dingle, Grace Claydon, Natalie Hughes, Peter Dominey
Camera ~ Grace Claydon
Editor ~ Peter Dominey
Artwork ~ Samantha Lacey


Elizabeth ~ Sally Claydon
~ Jazz Zekai
Herod ~ Peter Dominey
Joseph ~ Josh Duckmanton
~ Jessica De Carvalho
Shepherd 1 ~
 Dave Turrant
Shepherd 2 ~ Natalie Hughes
Shepherd 3 ~ George Claydon
Wise person ~ Nick Gilbert