In May we worked together as a church to discern what Jesus will have us do next.
And we discerned these four priorities to give focus as we move forward.

  • Fostering passionate spirituality
    re-founding CFS on Jesus and in a closer relationship with him.

  • Building deeper connections
    forming stronger relationships and shared lived between the people of CFS.

  • Reaching new people
    with a focus on recreating opportunities for families, young adults and children to be involved.

  • Increasing capacity
    finding the people, time and money to help us grow sustainably.

In June we got practical and started working at the 4 priorities, holding a string of events and activities which you can read about across the website. And not forgetting that the launch of this website at the end of June is also part of this work!

In June we also held further conversations across the church to discern more detail for how we express the 4 priorities.

In July we are working up the detail of the plan which will go out to the groups before being finalised.

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