Are you ready to take a deep dive into the book of Mark?

Join us in taking a look at the shortest and fastest paced account of Jesus’ life. Get ready to discover and respond to who Jesus is. Prepare to get to know and follow him. This could change your life!

An eight week series, in Church from Scratch small groups, created by a team of seven CFS authors.

The 8 weeks:

Week 1: Who is Jesus? Mark 1 v1-15
Week 2: Acts of courage. Mark 2
Week 3: Grow! Mark 4
Week 4: God is stunning. Mark 9 v2-40
Week 5: Generous like God. Mark 6 v34-44
Week 6: Meet Jesus. Mark 10 v46-52
Week 7: Jesus died. Mark 14-15
Week 8: Hopeless to hope-full Mark 16

4 great ways to get involved

  1. Join in with a Church from Scratch small group to journey through Mark.
  2. Watch the intro video above to get in the mood.
  3. Take part in the personal reading challenge of Mark’s gospel.
 Get a copy of it from a Church from Scratch group.
  4. Book your ticket to come on Saturday 10th November to see the amazing performance of Mark’s Gospel by touring actor Howard Jones. The evening kicks off at 6:45pm with a meal.