What’s a CFS Community like?


They are comfortable places for those exploring faith and for people who have been Christians for years and are keen to venture out in mission together. Each group has a unique character. The Communities typically meet weekly and express life in other ways through the week. Most groups eat together with one or more cooking [...]

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What no Sunday!?


We have moved on from a church model built around Sunday services and a 'church' building'.  Yes that's right - we don't go to church on Sunday! We are church, meeting whenever and wherever, with our homes as the primary place for church. We don't claim it is the way just that it is a [...]

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We are fascinated by Jesus.


We are a Jesus centred rather than Bible focused church. Jesus is the primary word of God, not the Bible. So while our faith uses the Bible, we focus on the four biographies of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When we meet you might catch us asking, 'Why did they kill Jesus?' and, 'What did [...]

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How do I get involved?


OK. I'm interested. How do I take this further? Meet with one of us for a coffee - send us a message. Contact a Community facilitator by clicking on a map pin, and arranging to visit them or ask any questions. Send a message with any questions and we can set you up with the best [...]

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You could help plant a new Community


Could you see yourself planting a new CFS Community beyond the existing church? With us as your wider church community. Are you excited by the ethos and values of CFS? Then send us a message.

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