It doesn’t disturb you in the same way when you have listened to the Easter story again and again. You lose the drama of it.

Our Easter Sunday gathering at the Iron Age Roundhouse in Hadleigh Country Park sought to change that.

Easter in a new way

Church Easter breakfast at Hadleigh Iron Age Roundhouse

Huddled around a log fire, we shared the story of Jesus’ resurrection – reminding ourselves that Easter Sunday is about the new and the hopeful.  When Jesus came back from the dead it showed us that death and failure don’t have the final say; love wins over evil, and you can be part of the resurrection now.

The first disciples had their lives transformed that day. They went from a group cowering in the grief of Jesus’ death to leaders of an underground movement that continues to send shock waves through the world.

As a church, we wanted to create a space where the Easter story could disrupt our lives too. And The Iron Age Roundhouse did just that. Alison, one of the many CFS people who came, said, “It was the perfect opportunity to hear an old story in a new way. It caused me to take a step back, re-examine the resurrection of Jesus, and derive a more focused understanding of its purpose.”

The Iron Age Roundhouse provided the perfect place to come together, eat together and let the Easter story shape us.

If you missed out this time, be sure to check our calendar of upcoming events for what’s next.