CFS recently visited long-term friends, Emma and Dave MacIntosh, at their Clay Community Church in Glasgow. While there, we made friends, helped out, and deepened our understanding of one another and Jesus.

How did it begin?

Team of 8 on Glasgow Trip

The friendship between CFS and Clay Community Church began in the early 2000s when Dave and Emma were part of CFS before they left to church-plant on the Possilpark Estate, Glasgow. They embedded themselves in the local community, helping to grow a small and vibrant church among those on the margins.

Our relationship with them has blossomed since. Whether sharing ‘camping villages’ at the youth festival Soul Survivor or having them visit us to help establish a new eBay suite for Shared Space, Clay Community Church and CFS have forged strong ties of mutual support.

Painting lamp posts in Glasgow

What did we do?

While in Glasgow, we helped with a community development programme organised by the church. By day we painted lamposts, picked up litter and tidied the streets. By

night, we took part in a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance and swapped stories of God and life in Southend and Glasgow.

Daniel, one of the several volunteers from CFS that flew with us to Glasgow, described the experience as, “a great opportunity to help and be helped by friends that despite the geographical distance between us, are remarkably similar.”

Could you be next?

A defining mark of CFS is the relationships we build with fellow pioneers. We want to support and be supported by those who believe God is there for the marginalised and the hardships they face.

Are you, like Emma and Dave, looking for the God of the poor? If you sense that God prioritises the less lucky, then CFS might be the church for you. Alternatively, if you are already living this vision, then we would love to connect.

To find out more, please get in touch.

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