2018 annual report 2018 was another big year at Church from Scratch.

It would be quicker to list what stayed the same than what changed! We changed a heap of things, all to set us up for the #thenextchapter.  And all so we get deeper into being a church that is built on community and not events and that shouts Jesus through what it does.

We set up Communities; moved the CFS office; welcomed a whole bunch of new people; the team changed with good bye to old faces and hello to new; played more; and got more serious about justice and being a community that embraces all, you get the idea…

So in honour of this momentous year…

we’ve whipped up this report to tell something of the story of all that has been and the hopes for what is next.

Grab a copy. But if you really want to figure is out get in touch and join in!

Download it here >>>