Embrace is an evening for all who don’t want to ignore the LGBTQ+ elephant in the room.



Are you ready to meet the elephant in the room?

Embrace will be a safe space to explore:

  • how we can welcome people of all sexualities and genders
  • how we can be who we were made to be
  • how other churches are moving towards being ‘affirming’
  • how we can welcome those who have been rejected and hurt by Christ’s body
  • what guidance the Bible gives about this
  • what do all those letters mean? (LGBTQIA+)

We will be…

  • listening to stories from less often heard voices of LGBTQ+ Christians
  • engaging in safe discussion
  • hearing reflections from the perspectives of faith and science
  • Q&A panel
  • spoken word performance
  • asking the questions you just can’t elsewhere
  • and if you feel isolated it will be a place to connect

For more information, and to book your tickets, click here – churchfromscratch.org/embrace