As a jam-packed summer ends, CFS is looking forward to kicking off the autumn in style. Some amazing things have happened, and more are taking shape. Here’s the lowdown:

Baptisms & Festivals

With tents packed, CFS headed to the fields of East Mersea for the co-created Baptist festival, Fire Camp. Founded by CFS and friends, we took the pleasure of taking a back-seat in the organising this year and watching it develop. Once there, we discussed life and faith around roaring bonfires; flew kites and slept under the stars in tree-hung hammocks.

Meanwhile, three CFS members made the most of the summer sun by getting baptised and affirming their faith in Jesus on Chalkwell beach. Twenty of us got into the water, and you can watch a video of the whole thing here. Afterwards, we headed back to Westcliff to celebrate for those who had just joined God’s family. What a day!

On your Marks!

Howard Jones performs the Gospel of Mark

On 10th September, CFS launches the new community-group resources, ‘Follow’. Through the Gospel of Mark, we take a deep dive into the life and teachings of Jesus – starting with the story of John the Baptist and finishing with Jesus’ resurrection. And, for those of us wanting to go the extra mile, there will be a Bible reading challenge running parallel to the series. Find out more about the series by watching this introductory video.

To top it off, there will be a dinner and live performance of Mark’s gospel at Belle Vue Baptist Church on Saturday 10th November for the whole church. The show which is currently performing across the UK has received rave reviews, with people saying: “Everyone who came will never forget this remarkable evening of being confronted by the Word of God in a new way!” 

Working With Shared Space

Excitingly, CFS continues to work closely with Shared Space to engage with, and support, marginalised individuals.

To this end, the new Shared Space recruit, Grace, in partnership with CFS, has launched an English conversation class to empower locals to improve their English and confidence. The classes happen every Thursday at 1:30 pm in the Westcliff store and all are welcome. Grace said:

“It has been great to get to know people and see their English improve over recent weeks. There is such a lovely atmosphere in the group, and I’m excited to see how it grows and develops in the future.”

Meanwhile, this September Shared Space and CFS relaunch the Life & Soul Group at the Westcliff store. Based around six sessions that draw inspiration from the teachings of Jesus, the group provides a space for volunteers to engage in open discussion and explore what it means to be a Christian.

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