The new CFS plan is under construction


In May we worked together as a church to discern what Jesus will have us do next. And we discerned these four priorities to give focus as we move forward. Fostering passionate spirituality re-founding CFS on Jesus and in a closer relationship with him. Building deeper connections forming stronger relationships [...]

The new CFS plan is under construction2018-06-29T16:09:25+01:00

BLESS: Was a week to re-imagine CFS


An opportunity to continue reshaping the church From 30th May to 1st June, CFS met to explore how we can develop as a spiritual community for the adventure ahead. The discussions that took place over these three days revolved around four church priorities that we established in May: Fostering passionate spirituality: CFS should be re-founded on [...]

BLESS: Was a week to re-imagine CFS2018-06-29T15:31:21+01:00

Hannah Moore wins national mental health award.


Congratulation to Hannah Moore for winning a national mental health award. After being short-listed to the final five, Hannah was unanimously awarded first place for the 'Outstanding Service User Achievement Award' in mental health. Hannah has spent the best part of 12 years in psychiatric hospitals struggling with her mental health. Despite her challenges, she [...]

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How to be a SuperAger by Angela Lucas


Church from Scratch member and newly published author, Angela Lucas, has written a book inspiring us to seek exciting and purposeful experiences in our later years. On her 82nd birthday, Angela was challenged to walk the ancient Camino de Santiago way in the Spanish Mountains. A physically demanding pilgrimage, it saw her overcome a hundred kilometre trek [...]

How to be a SuperAger by Angela Lucas2018-06-12T13:56:32+01:00

Iron Age Easter – meeting Jesus in a new way


It doesn't disturb you in the same way when you have listened to the Easter story again and again. You lose the drama of it. Our Easter Sunday gathering at the Iron Age Roundhouse in Hadleigh Country Park sought to change that. Easter in a new way Huddled around a log fire, we shared the [...]

Iron Age Easter – meeting Jesus in a new way2018-06-12T13:54:26+01:00

CFS visit Clay Community Church in Glasgow


CFS recently visited long-term friends, Emma and Dave MacIntosh, at their Clay Community Church in Glasgow. While there, we made friends, helped out, and deepened our understanding of one another and Jesus. How did it begin? The friendship between CFS and Clay Community Church began in the early 2000s when Dave and Emma were [...]

CFS visit Clay Community Church in Glasgow2018-06-12T13:44:11+01:00
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