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1 June: Bless Jesus – Worship


Bless Jesus. Friday 1 June 2018 7:30 - 9:30pm An extended time of worship to express our love to God - blessing Jesus. In singing, prayer, communion and other ways. We will honour and meet with the God who loves us. Jazz and her acoustic guitar are  joining us for the evening to lead musical [...]

1 June: Bless Jesus – Worship2018-06-04T23:23:40+00:00

31 May: Bless Others – Bread Making


Thursday 31 May 2018 10am - 3:30pm Join us for brunch cooked in the wood fired oven.  Then we learn how to make bread and discover how we can use our blessings to help those around us. Being generous as God is generous to us. Take your freshly cooked loaf home afterwards t0 share! All [...]

31 May: Bless Others – Bread Making2018-06-04T23:24:12+00:00

30 May: Be Blessed – Prayer School


Wednesday 30 May 10am-1pm We start with cooked breakfast and we explore who God is and how he loves to work. And then we do it! We try meeting with our loving Father through gentle prayer and meditation and let him speak with us and fill us with his Holy Spirit. Newbies and wise-heads alike, [...]

30 May: Be Blessed – Prayer School2018-06-04T23:24:42+00:00

How to be a SuperAger by Angela Lucas


Church from Scratch member and newly published author, Angela Lucas, has written a book inspiring us to seek exciting and purposeful experiences in our later years. On her 82nd birthday, Angela was challenged to walk the ancient Camino de Santiago way in the Spanish Mountains. A physically demanding pilgrimage, it saw her overcome a hundred kilometre trek [...]

How to be a SuperAger by Angela Lucas2018-06-12T13:56:32+00:00

Iron Age Easter – meeting Jesus in a new way


It doesn't disturb you in the same way when you have listened to the Easter story again and again. You lose the drama of it. Our Easter Sunday gathering at the Iron Age Roundhouse in Hadleigh Country Park sought to change that. Easter in a new way Huddled around a log fire, we shared the [...]

Iron Age Easter – meeting Jesus in a new way2018-06-12T13:54:26+00:00

CFS visit Clay Community Church in Glasgow


CFS recently visited long-term friends, Emma and Dave MacIntosh, at their Clay Community Church in Glasgow. While there, we made friends, helped out, and deepened our understanding of one another and Jesus. How did it begin? The friendship between CFS and Clay Community Church began in the early 2000s when Dave and Emma were [...]

CFS visit Clay Community Church in Glasgow2018-06-12T13:44:11+00:00

Resisting pressure for public worship services, we went on holiday.


As friends invited friends, CFS grew quickly and organically with new new groups starting in homes across the area. With the growing size of CFS in 2008, we found starting new groups had many strengths: it would help new groups of people get involved in new places; and it helped us avoid an over-emphasis on [...]

Resisting pressure for public worship services, we went on holiday.2018-09-11T15:43:25+00:00

Tony the rough-sleeper led us out to meet God


Thanks to Tony, everything continued to change in 2006. As we wrestled with how to reshape our community increasingly for the poor and marginalised, a Christian probation worker approached us. He had a client called Tony who wanted to know more about God. He told us that taking Tony to his church would be a [...]

Tony the rough-sleeper led us out to meet God2018-09-11T15:42:45+00:00

Reimagining church – the first few baptisms


Understanding church as a community of Jesus' followers gave us space to reimagine its ancient traditions in modern ways. Starting with Baptisms in 2004. If there were water and faith, we were ready to baptise. But, if believer's baptism was about joining a family of followers, then the more people who got in the [...]

Reimagining church – the first few baptisms2018-09-11T15:42:05+00:00

We began eating together and God was pleased


With the plans dead and the team gone, God now had space to create something new. It was early in 2003 and we decided to have another go, inviting our friends from beyond the church to a home in Leigh on Sea and another one in Westcliff. Our friends came and we began to [...]

We began eating together and God was pleased2018-09-11T15:41:24+00:00
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