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Visit to Possilpark Church Plant 28 Oct 2009
Julie Brown
Written by Julie Brown   
Monday, 02 November 2009 09:30

Possilpark team

On 28th of October a team left Southend to travel to Possilpark, in Glasgow to meet up with Dave and Emma who moved on from CFS to join a church planting team there. Julie takes up the story...

After breakfast we broke up into two groups and had a quick tour of the surrounding area, getting a feel for the place, then back to Emma and Dave's for prayer and and as the day was bright and sunny we made an immediate start on the nursery playground we were to be painting and tidying up.

Possilpark Possilpark Possilpark Possilpark Possilpark  

When we arrived a few of the mums were already there preparing the ground, and as the day went by, lovely vibrant colours were being painted into shapes, a huge multi coloured snake, a bright yellow road complete with zebra crossing and parking spaces and a wonderfully painted scene of a rainbow, trees and sun. Children walking past from the Primary School were so excited and other mums became involved, happy to paint, dig, sand down or do any job that needed doing.

There was a real sense of community  and no feeling of them and us, everyone was joining together to make this nursery a colourful cheerful place for the children and for the parents.  All the time we were working we were made lots of teas/coffees and fed lots of scrummy pastries and cakes and healthy food as well (although I noticed that didn't get eaten). This was in between breakfasts, lunches and dinners so there wasn't much chance of feeling hungry.

Possilpark    Possilpark  After work we would go to the homes of the people in their church planting team who had kindly offered to put us up for our 3 day stay and every evening at 7.30pm we would get together round alternate peoples houses for dinner, chatting generally and sharing our thoughts on how the day had gone and of course we prayed.

Emma, Dave and the others said many new contacts had been made with neighbours and mum's and also this project strengthened existing frienships.  We just pray that this will bring many opportunities for God's love to breath new life into those who already know him and for those who as yet don't.

(Possilpark is in an area of lovely people in high urban deprivation in Glasgow.)