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We hope these resources are of use as you lead others towards Jesus.
You download and use them on simple basis that:

  • you may adapt and change these resources as you wish as long as you place the phrase.
    "based on original material from www.churchfromscratch.org" somehwere in the revised document. Feel free to delete our header and make them look like your own apart from that.
  • you will not distribute en masse in any form beyond your church or organisation, electronically or in printed form without our permission.
  • you will not host them on the internet without our permission.
  • you will not use them for commercial purposes or charge for them.

We would love to hear stories or commentsof how they are being used or improved at curious@churchfromscratch.org

We have created these resources over a good number of years and if you feel we have infringed your copyright then please let us know so we can credit you or remove the work.



I agree to the terms listed above
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