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Death 1 (455.50 kB)

Theme: Thinking about the unthinkable: Death
Aim: To introduce Christian concepts of death, resurrection, heaven etc. And to explore our cultural and personal attitudes towards death.

To give a background for doing “communion” in a small group
Pointing you to various resources in the Bible to help you in leading communion.
Exploring various questions that arise.

Series of Bible readings and questions to help you see your town again in a new way.

Lectio Divina (62.50 kB)

This does not follow the word, worship, witness, welcome sort of format which some of our other outlines follow. It is an activity to practice spiritual discipline and meet with Jesus.

Tower of Babel     Genesis 11:1-9
Exploring ways we don’t submit our lives to Jesus.

Exploring ways of belonging in CFS and committing to "Partnership"
To help us think about our money and giving as part of Christian discipleship
Moving on from the past - accompanies Nooma Lump DVD
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