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Ivan King
By Ivan King
07 May 2015

Now's the time!

now is_the_time

We are beginning a new 10-week series looking at who Jesus is through Mark's gospel.
Download the resources for free:

Peter Dominey
By Peter Dominey
16 Mar 2015

Calendar - March 2015 onwards

A whole bunch of dates for Shared Space and Church from Scratch - click to download the goodness.
Ivan King
By Ivan King
20 Nov 2014

Has your church found our small group resources helpful?

There are 6+ years of small group teaching resources available for others churches to download and use, free of charge, from our website. These Bible-based resources have been written for all ability levels and learning styles.  

Church from Scratch will shortly be reviewing how we publicise this bank of ideas and we would love to hear from other churches that have used them.  How were they helpful?  How could we do better?  Please email and tell us: http://churchfromscratch.org/contact-us/church-from-scratch



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